Meet the Characters

Katie Jolly
(Kimberly-Sue Murray)

Katie is a kind and driven person. She is going to be a law clerk for a prestigious case at an environmental law firm in New York City and has already implemented several environmental policies at her father’s timber company. She would like to be more hands on at her father’s work, but Katie’s mother was killed in a tragic logging accident several years before, and her father has become very protective since. She is torn between staying home and finding her freedom somewhere else.











Harrison Brock
(Stephen Huszar)

Paramedic who saved Katie’s father after a timber accident. He is new to town and, although he and Katie did not get off on the right foot, a romance has blossomed between them.











Marie Brown
(Trish Stratus)

Legendary lumberjack competitor now play-by-play announcer for the competition. Although she is an unbiased judge in the competition, she has a soft spot for Katie and her father, Gordon.











Grandpa Sam
(Nigel Bennett)

Katie’s maternal grandfather. Loving and supportive, he is a free-spirit and her confidante. He is retired from the timber industry and is always pushing Katie to follow her dreams. He has a strained relationship with Katie’s father, Gordon.











Gordon Jolly
(Mike Shara)

Katie’s loving and adoring father. He is very protective of her and does not approve of her lumberjack aspirations. He is the owner of the Jolly Timber Company. He has devoted his life to raising Katie, and building his business. The loss of his wife shook him to his core and affects his relationships with his daughter, Katie and his father-in-law, Grandpa Sam.











Diana Whitaker
(Lanette Ware)

Katie’s new boss. Diana runs a prestigious law firm in New York City specializing in environmental protection legislation.











(Paniz Zade)

Katie’s best friend since kindergarten. Quick-witted and funny, she helps get Katie ready for the lumberjack competition.











Jake Prichard
(Carlisle J Williams)

A real lumberjack and Katie’s ex-boyfriend. He is now her father’s foreman at the Jolly Timber Company. He has a contentious relationship with Katie and is extremely macho.